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Nursery Stock

We specialize in providing the highest quality, Northern Michigan-grown nursery stock for your landscaping or retail needs.

Our team of trained professionals are here to help you find the perfect tree for your needs.

Choose from our wide selection of Northern Michigan-grown evergreens that are perfect for your business or property. Our trees and shrubs are carefully chosen for their quality, ensuring that you and your customers will enjoy them for years to come.

Needlefast Evergreens provides economical and sustainable solutions to all your landscaping and retail needs. We offer competitive prices on our locally grown stock so that you can get the most value out of your investment while helping the environment.


We offer an extensive selection of evergreen and deciduous varieties to suit any need – from small ornamental trees to large shade trees for larger properties. Whatever you’re looking for, we have it!
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Arizona Corkbark fir
Austrian Pine
Balsam Fir
Black Hills Spruce
From: $0.00
Black Spruce
From: $0.54
Blue Spruce
From: $0.46
Bracted Balsam Fir
From: $1.50
Canaan Fir
Out of stock
From: $1.80
Canadian Hemlock
Concolor Fir
From: $0.70
Douglas Fir
From: $0.60
Eastern White Pine
From: $0.00
European Larch
Fraser Fir
Out of stock
Fraser x Balsam Fir Hybrid
Out of stock
From: $2.50
Gray Birch
Highbush Cranberry
Hybrid Poplar
From: $1.22
Jack Pine
Korean Fir
Korean x Balsam Fir Hybrid
From: $2.00
Meyer Spruce
From: $0.58
Native White Birch
Nikko Fir
Nordmann Fir
Northern Red Oak Northern Red Oak
Northern White Cedar
From: $2.00
Norway Spruce
From: $0.46
Red Birch
Red Maple
From: $0.92
Red Pine
Out of stock
From: $0.46
Redoiser Dogwood
Out of stock
River Birch
Out of stock
Scotch Pine
From: $0.52
Serbian Spruce
From: $1.80
Silky Dogwood
Sugar Maple
From: $0.74
From: $0.74
Turkish Fir
White Oak
From: $0.84
White Spruce
Out of stock
From: $0.21
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