• Prepare your planting site. Proper weed control prior to planting will help ensure a successful start for your trees. Grass, weeds and brush can quickly overtake a newly established tree plantation.
  • Determine the quantity of trees you need in advance.
    • If planting for an eventual Christmas tree harvest, plant approximately 6' apart. This will require 1100-1200 trees per acre.
    • For windbreaks, plant approximately 6-8' apart and determine your linear measure.
    • For reforestation, plant 8-10' apart. This will require 500-700 trees per acre.
    • For ornamental plantings, a 4' x 5' planting would require approximately 2200 seedlings per acre. A 5' x 5' planting would require approximately 1700 seedlings per acre (base plantings on 1 acre = 43,560 square feet and allow for access rows).
  • Determine the type of tree for your planting site. Always take into consideration the type of soil on the planting site, sun conditions, and whether there is good air and water drainage. Some trees thrive in heavy, wet soils while others need dry, light conditions.
  • Regarding your ship date. Your order acknowledgement will show your ship date. This will tell you we are going to ship on that specified date. If you see a "Please Call" or "Will Call" on your order acknowledgement, this would indicate you want to set up a specific date for shipment. Make sure you advise us at least one week prior to the ship date you would like your trees shipped. If you have already indicated a ship date but weather conditions or other situations arise which would make planting impossible, please let us know at least three days prior to the ship date so we can withhold shipment until further notice.
  • What to do if you are unable to plant upon receipt of trees. We strongly advise you plant stock as soon as possible after it arrives. If you are unable to plant upon receipt of trees, try to access a cooler. Otherwise, store in a cool area, away from sun and wind, open slightly. Make sure trees are slightly damp.
  • Plant trees properly. Once you have received your stock, get them into the ground as quickly as possible. Trees can be hand planted with a heavy spade or spud or machine planted. Make sure the roots are deeply secured into the ground. The soil around the tree must be firmly packed.
  • Weed control after planting. Weed control may be necessary, particularly in richer soils. Trees will be competing with weeds for soil nutrients, moisture and fertilizer. You may want to eliminate this problem with herbicides and/or mowing. See your local chemical dealer.
  • Length of time to harvest. Generally, the more care the trees receive (fertilizer, weed and pest control), the quicker they will be harvestable. Natural occurrences (late frost, dry conditions) can also affect growth rate.

Please be sure to contact us if you have any questions about successful planting. We are here to help you along the way.

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Seedling and Transplant Price List - Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

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