Christmas trees are available in many different species, including the Blue spruce, Scotch pine, Balsam fir, Concolor fir, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, Canaan fir, Grand fir, Korean fir, White pine and Arizona Corkbark fir.

BLUE SPRUCE: Sometimes called Colorado Blue spruce, these beautiful trees can range in color from green to silvery blue. Of all the spruces, Blue spruce has the best needle retention. Needles are sharp and usually about 1 inch in length. Blues usually require 8-10 years to mature to 6-7 feet in height. Blues are native to the Rocky Moutains.

SCOTCH PINE: Still a very popular Christmas tree. Needles can range from 1.5-3+ inches, depending on the original source of the tree seed. All seed sources are native to Europe. Excellent needle retention. Scotch pine usually take 7-9 years to reach 6-7 feet in height.

BALSAM FIR: A soft, waxy, deep green aromatic true fir that enjoys sun and likes cool, moist, well-drained conditions. Needs 7-10 years in the field to reach a 6-7 foot Christmas tree. Native to the northern half of the eastern and midwestern United States as well as the southern half of eastern Canada.

CONCOLOR FIR: Also known as white fir, this early-budding true fir has needles usually 1-2 inches in length. Color varies from green to silvery blue. Grows well in sunny, well-drained sites. Excellent needle retention and a "citrus-like" aroma make this tree a great choice at Christmas time. Native to the Rocky Mountain states.

DOUGLAS FIR: Great needle retention make this species very popular as a Christmas tree. Soft, medium length needles from 1-1.5 inches, color can vary from green to blue. Requires 7-10 years to reach the 6-7 foot size. Native to the Rocky Mountain states and the west coast of the United States and Canada.

FRASER FIR: A soft, dark blue-green needled true fir with a silvery underneedle. Grows best in cool, moist, well-drained soils. Needles are from 3/4-1 inch in length. Pleasing aroma, excellent needle retention and great "ship-ability" make this species one of the fastest growing Christmas trees in popularity with the public. Requires 7-10 years to reach the 6-7 foot height range. Native to Tennesee, Virginia and North Carolina.

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